6th Feb

Research Updates

Sally Bream

Aaron Saunderson-Cross

Ben Litherland

Jane Traies

Jack Zeniewski

The following notes will give a general impression of the research presented.  They are taken from one person’s notes in the seminar so they are not a full representation of what was said.  To find out more, please get in touch with the researcher whose work is described — they will be more than happy to fill in the gaps!

Sally Bream – Is a Cultural Identity of Englishness Evident in Photographic Representations of the English Landscape?

– showed recent photographs from Pevensey Levels

– aim: create a body of photographic work of South Downs National Park

– themes:

1. identification of English national identity considering government plans

2. what signs and symbols signify Englishness

– climate and symbols within landscape

– the Weald — flat area of lands

– Mark Power — photographs boundaries from London A-Z

– Jem Southam, The Pond at Upton Pyne parallels John Constable’s The Hay Wain — national identity of England — specific landscape stands for all of England — iconic over time

– the sublime and the beautiful and national identity

– current work: Pevensey — climate, geographic space and national character = identity

– the way the land is used

– Pevensey Levels – change in environment — sponge — soaks up water

Aaron Saunderson-Cross – research update

– change in direction of research = queer Maryology

– 1. religious and cultural history; 2. Maryology, queer theory, construction of sexual identity within church

– historical and theological Mary; Marian apparition cults; Mary in secular culture and art; queer Maryology

– Research questions:

1. How can Mary be thought of within the epistemology of the family?

2. How does Mary feature in queer histories/narratives?

3. The way in which Mary reconciles virgin/outcast communities within the church

Ben Literland – research update

– recent visit to IBA Archives in Bournemouth

– 1955-90s – ITV (not much written about)

– archival research for final chapter:  television

– commercialism: pop culture and consumerism

– wrestling — no one knows what to do with at ITV: continuation of larger commercial culture — music hall, etc.

– hands out binders of photocopies documents — lots of good stuff!

– letters written to the agency by fans and internal letters

– social control — sport and leisure history

– conflict — regional/national/international

Jane Traies – research update

– empirical/ethnographic study — older women who identify as lesbians (over 60)

– 400 women in study; over 300 survey questionnaires; 70 personal narratives

– methodological challenges in writing what you’ve got — like a collage — how to weld into something readable?

– insider researcher — privileged but also ethically challenging position — quite emotional — weight of stories analysing

– desegregating “old lesbian” label — other identities important

Jack Zeniewski – research introduction

– advertising — convergence in documentary film

– ad agencies appropriating documentary — not just form — making docs for products

– subsidiary companies formed for docs for festival circuit

– “halo marketing”

– doc film techniques in adverts

– doc films — not adverts — activists films — trying to convince people

– examples: Booker’s Place, Mazda commercial

– practice-based research


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