Doctoral Day Schedule

9.00-9.30 Registration – Silverstone Social Space (Top Floor)
9.30-9.45 Introduction by Kate Lacey – Room 309
9.45-11.30 Room 309History and National Identity Chair: Lizzie Thynne

Stella Sims

Reimagining the 1950s: Heritage, Commemoration and 1950s-mania

Marina Fuser

Nomadic Silences


Kazuyoshi Kawasaka

Is he the last samurai, a fascist or the first gay in Japan? The queer reading of the masculinity, sexuality and nationalism of Mishima Yukio

Room 317Body and the Image Chair: Niall Richardson 

Ae Jin Han

The Dancing Bodies on K-pop Music Video


Ludo Foster

The Currency of Cuteness – Innocence, Interval of Animal and Spatiality – Depictions of the Adorable Tomboy in Transnational Cinema


Justin Grize

Beyond Animal Blackface: Rediscovering the Performed Animal


Gemma Cobb

Gender framed: exposing the thin ideal in pro-anorexia online spaces  


Tea break
11.40-1.00 Room 309Performance and Interaction
Chair: Kirk WoolfordJon ArmstrongMagic, Suggestion and Immersive Experience

Michael O’Connell

Mocksim’s ‘Operation Cork’ and Art as Artificial Stupidity

Ian Grant

Dead Media and the Shadow Puppet

Room 317Action and Ethics
Chair: Kate Lacey Kate HainesDialogue, Text and Memory: The Production and Circulation of Literary Responses to the Post-Election Violence in Kenya 

Naif Alotaibi

Challenges Facing Online Journalism in Saudi Arabia


Rachel  Tavernor

Transient compassion: How humanitarian organisations visually sell action on global poverty


2.00-3.20 Room 309Composing and Conducting
Chair: Richard Eliot Hannah Baxter

Conducting The Rite of Spring

Joe Watson

This presentation has a sound

Daniel Alexander Hignell

Composition and communality

Room 317Digital Objects and People
Chair: Kate O’Riordan Tanya Kant

Giving the viewer a voice? Problematising personalised media on commercial social networks 


Cate Thomas

The Haunted University: digital subjectivity and the mediated academic


Ryan Burns

Tablet computers as scientific instruments

Tea Break
3.30-4.50 Room 309Cinematic Space and Sound
Chair: Michael Lawrence Tom ReidExperimental silent film – visual properties and their musical implicationsFrank Verano

“Are We Ready to Move On?”: Dislocating the Utopian in Eat the Document’s Spaces of Performance

Emma Withers

Virtual Bodies, Real Sensations: The Remediation of Gaming in Popular Science Fiction Films

Room 317Sexuality and Normativity
Chair: Sue Thornham Rachel  WoodMy Battery Operated Boyfriend: Sex Toys, Sex and the Body 

Lizzie Reed

Creating Family Practices in The New Normal


Umme Busra Fateha Sultana

Mapping Gender Relations and Sexualities: Analysis of Contraceptive Advertisements of Bangladesh


5.00-6.30 Wine reception
7.30 Dinner at Pizza Express

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